Agrovista Amenity Academy - Supporting BASIS amenity training

The Agrovista Amenity Academy provides opportunities for amenity advisors and sprayer operators, to gain additional skills, knowledge, qualifications and CPD points. The aim of the Academy is to provide an online learning experience for professional users to develop key skills and knowledge, ensuring they stay up to date on the latest product developments and innovations for efficient and effective work practices in the amenity sector including pesticides and integrated approaches.

Agrovista Amenity are committed to offering training and development support to all amenity professionals; and this is why we have developed a range of courses with the professional user in mind. BASIS CPD points have been awarded to Agrovista Amenity Academy. The courses available focus on the core structure for BASIS CPD: maintenance, improvement and broadening of the knowledge and skills all of which are required from professionals working in the crop protection, amenity and fertiliser sectors. All tests require a minimum passing grade of 80% to obtain CPD points and certification.

Product courses

Knowledge courses