Floranid®Twin Eagle Master




Floranid®Twin Eagle Master is a complete fertiliser with an appropriate nutrient ratio for high-quality sports turf. The granule size of Floranid®Twin Eagle Master is very fine and uniform, making it ideal for greens, tees and high quality sports turf surfaces. Floranid®Twin Eagle Master has a reliable slow nitrogen release over several months and also promotes vital root growth and increases the resistance of fine turf species.


The ideal analysis for the first application of the season to promotes healthy, vigorous growth and provides resistance to heat, drought and cold conditions. Floranid®Twin Eagle Master delivers nitrogen without excessive growth and clippings. The extensive trace element contents ensure optimal growth, especially on sand-based constructions.


The granule size of Floranid®Twin Eagle Master is very fine and uniform and therefore ideal for high-quality sports turf surfaces and especially fine turf surfaces such as greens. Longevity of Floranid®Twin Master is 12-16 weeks (3-4 month).


Floranid®Twin Eagle Master contains the double N technology made of ISODUR® and CROTODUR® for efficient and slow nitrogen release over a period of up to 3 months. The activity index is over 95 %. The double N technology ensures long-term nutrient supply, ensures maximum N efficiency and leads to optimum growth and good colour. Each granule contains all nutrients and thus guarantees a very exact distribution of all nutrients.


Apply evenly, at an application rate of 20-40 g/m2 for turf <10 mm and 30-50 g/m2 for turf 10 mm> avoiding overlapped or missed areas, using a suitable calibrated spreader. If no rain falls during the 24 hours after application, irrigate the treated area thoroughly. Do not apply in frosty weather or hot, dry conditions. We recommend using PrecisionPro to ensure perfect application. To learn more about PrecisionPro click here.

Spreader settings

Single pass

AccuPro / SR 2000 / Cone 6 / Spread width 4 metres

20g/m2 - M 1/2

25g/m2 - N

30g/m2 - O

35g/m2 - P

40g/m2 - Q 1/2

Double pass

AccuPro / SR 2000 / Cone 6 / Spread width 4 metres

20g/m2 - K 1/2

25g/m2 - L

30g/m2 - L 1/2

35g/m2 - M

40g/m2 - M 1/2


New Floranid®Twin

The new slow-release fertilisers in the Floranid®Twin range are comprised of a unique combination of two highly efficient and well-proven nitrogen compounds, ISODUR® and CROTODUR®. This Double N Technology ensures a long-lasting and reliable supply of nitrogen at the highest possible utilisation rate and guarantees optimal plant growth for the successful implementation of ambitious sports turf management.


Floranid®Twin fertilisers consist of what are known as complex granular compounds, which are produced from a homogeneous premix containing all requisite nutrients. This means that the whole spectrum of nutrients can be found in each individual granule at the same concentration. That guarantees a homogeneous distribution of the granules and hence a perfect nutrient supply. The optimised solubility of the granules facilitates this process and enables rapid penetration of the fertiliser into the sward and the root zone (Fig. 6).

Granule size

Floranid®Twin fertilisers for use on sports fields, public green spaces, and in horticulture and landscape design are supplied at the approved granule-size spectrum of 0.7–2.8 mm; extra-fine granulated products for use on golf courses in the granule-size spectrum of 0.5–1.4 mm. A new feature is that the distribution within the fractions is homogeneous and, overall, a greater proportion also fall within the smaller granule-size. This results in excellent spread behaviour, and perfect distribution of the granules on the turf – a prerequisite for the efficient supply of nutrients.

Fig. 6.

Improved phosphate and magnesium absorption

Floranid®Twin fertilisers are also characterised by an elevated proportion of water-soluble phosphate and magnesium. The proportion of water-soluble phosphate amounts to 80% of the total phosphate; the proportion of water-soluble magnesium makes up 80% of the total magnesium as well.

Increased levels of trace elements

Trace elements perform essential functions in a plant’s metabolic processes and promote disease resistance. In the development of the Floranid®Twin fertilisers, great attention was paid to the adequate provision of micronutrients and the levels of Mn, Cu, and Zn, B and Fe were significantly increased.

Advantages of Floranid®Twin slow-release fertilisers at a glance

■ Maximum nutrient efficiency (Activity Index 98%)

■ Reliable slow-release action

■ Excellent spreading properties

■ Homogeneous distribution of nutrients

■ Improved phosphate and magnesium absorption

■ Comprehensive range of trace elements

■ Even, steady growth

■ Optimum performance, even at low temperatures

■ Root support

■ Stimulates microbial soil activity

■ Highly resistant to leaching

■ Low salt index

■ Supports disease and stress tolerance


Synergy effect of Floranid®Twin

ISODUR® makes nitrogen available more quickly than CROTODUR® and even on first application provides initial stimulation for sustained growth and a corresponding greening effect. In this process, metabolites – organic products that convert and break down compounds – are also formed, which have a positive effect on soil activity at microbiological level. Thanks to its chemical properties, the nitrogen effect of CROTODUR® is then put into action with a time delay and with additional support from the initial stimulation of the microorganisms in the soil.

The effect of Floranid®Twin on soil life

Floranid®Twin has been proven to stimulate microorganisms in the soil, thus supporting important interactions in the rhizosphere. An active soil life promotes vital growth and reduces a plant’s susceptibility to diseases.

The effect of Floranid®Twin on roots

Extensive laboratory studies and field tests have shown that ISODUR® and CROTODUR® promote root growth. Stable root architecture is crucial for the optimal functionality of sport turf.

Strengthening effect of Floranid®Twin

For vigorous regenerative growth after exposure to stress or to support recovery from certain challenging conditions, for example heat and frost, a plant must be able to rely on stored reserves. Floranid®Twin fertiliser promote these physiological processes and ensures the growth of strong and resilient plants.

Qualitative properties of Floranid®Twin

Floranid®Twin fertilisers have a positive impact on plant physiological parameters such as the build-up of matter, photosynthesis activity, and the storage of reserves. These factors were clearly strengthened through the use of Double N Technology in contrast with the use of ISODUR® on its own. Stimulating and stabilising these processes in a plant ultimately leads to an increase in resistance to various stress factors, including heat, drought, frost, and disease, as well as leading to an improvement in the plant’s ability to regenerate.

The effectiveness and efficiency of a fertiliser are primarily determined by its physical and chemical properties. In the new, state- of-the-art, slow-release fertiliser facility in the COMPO EXPERT plant in Krefeld, Germany, Floranid®Twin fertilisers are produced according to strictly defined quality requirements.

Due to the synergy effect of this Double N Technology, a reliable and consistent supply of nutrients to the grass is maintained at an optimal level over a very long period. Consequently, the plants can utilise the nutrients more effectively for shoot and root growth as well as for important metabolic processes.


Discover the key functions of nutrients within Floranid®Twin Eagle Master for the plant.

Key functions in the plant

• A fundamental component for plant growth, being important for amino acid synthesis and subsequent protein formation

• Formation of nucleic acids

• Synthesis of chlorophyll and ATP (adenosine triphosphate)

• Core role in photosynthesis and energy production

Key functions in the plant

• Key component of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is used in the energy transfer process within the plant

• Involved in nucleic acid formation, protein synthesis and carbohydrate metabolism

• Formation of cell membranes, phospholipids

• Important role in stimulating early growth and development

Key functions in the plant

• Maintenance of water balance in the plant, and helps regulate cell water content and plant turgor, maintaining stem strength.

• Important role in transpiration by controlling stomatal pore opening and closing

• Involved in transport of sugars from ‘sources’ to ‘sinks’

Good mobility in the plant

Key functions in the plant

• Central atom of chlorophyll molecule and is therefore essential for photosynthesis. However, typically this is only 15-20% of a plant's requirement for magnesium. Deficiency of magnesium will reduce the plants photosynthetic rate

• Key activator of many enzyme reactions and protein synthesis

• Transport of carbohydrates and amino acids from the leaf to the roots and shoots via the phloem.

• Important in nitrogen and phosphate metabolism

• Regulates uptake and cell turgor together with K+

Key functions in the plant

• Sulphur is an essential component of proteins in plants since it is required for the formation of two amino acids (cysteine and methionine), that are the building blocks of proteins

• Sulphur is also a component of enzymes (forming bonds within the enzyme structure) and vitamins

• Sulphur is also involved in the reduction of nitrate to amino acids

Floranid®Twin Eagle Master contains the following trace elements::

  • B (Boron)

  • Fe (Iron)

  • Zn (Zinc)

  • Cu (Copper)

  • Mn (Manganese)

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