Spring 16-4-8

(+ 2Mg0 + 0.5Fe)



Evolution Naturelle sport spring is a premium organo-mineral slow release formulation containing three sources of nitrogen for balanced release nutrition. This provides consistent steady growth without dramatically increasing clipping yield. Check out our amenity weather forecast for information on growth potential to perfectly time your application of Evolution Naturelle sport spring


The analysis of Evolution Naturelle sport spring is best applied when Growth Potential is >50% from the start of Medium GP. With a high nitrogen content, Evolution Naturelle sport spring will keep turf well supplied with nutrients for 8-12 weeks during the spring and summer.


The extended weather release NPK fertiliser with a granule size of 1 mm-4 mm containing magnesium, sulphur and iron is for use on golf fairways, tees, surrounds, sports fields and ornamental lawns maintained at a height of 12 mm and above.


Evolution Naturelle sport spring provides a rapid green-up and root development with no nitrate and no leaching due to its advanced granulation. The low C:N ratio also stimulates microbes and the breakdown of organic matter.


Apply evenly, at an application rate of 20-50 g/m2 avoiding overlapped or missed areas, using a suitable calibrated spreader. We recommend using PrecisionPro to ensure perfect application. To learn more about PrecisionPro click here.

Spreader settings

Single pass

AccuPro : Cone 6 : 4m spread width

20g/m2 - Q

25g/m2 - S

30g/m2 - V

35g/m2 - X

40g/m2 - Y1/2

45g/m2 - Z

Double pass

AccuPro : Cone 6 : 4m spread width

20g/m2 - Q

25g/m2 - S

30g/m2 - V

35g/m2 - X

40g/m2 - Y1/2

45g/m2 - Z


Longevity - 8-12 weeks

Granule size - 1-4mm

Cutting height - > 12mm

Application rate - 20 - 50g/m2

Bag Coverage - 1,000-400m2

Bags/ha - 10-25

Application timings - Mar-Sept


Total nitrogen (N) - 16.1%

Ureic nitrogen (N) - 11.2%

Phosphorus (P) - 4%

Potassium (K) - 8%

Magnesium (MgO) - 2%

Sulphur (S) - 2.3%

Iron (Fe) - 0.5%

Total organic matter - 25.3%

Carbon to nitrogen ratio - 0.8


Evolution Naturelle is a premium range of organo-mineral fertilisers designed with a unique mode of action and a 4 +1 phase release of nitrogen.

Poultry based Evolution Naturelle contains essential nutritional elements such as P, K, MgO, S & Fe which are compounded to the advanced granulation making them available for plant uptake.

Evolution Naturelle ensures low scorching potential even at high application rates, with a reduction in fresh weight clipping, increased tillering and a more dense, compact turf that is highly resistant to stress.

The organic matter content in Evolution Naturelle sets us apart from the competition. Providing a gradual release of nutrients after application, that stimulates a bacterial dominated soil life. Each analysis aids the digestion of organic matter and helps the soil retain nutrients due to its high Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC).

4 +1 Nitrogen phase release


Directly available ammonium, no microbiology required


From week 2 from urease enzyme action

Complexed Urea Chains

From week 4 from acid & urease enzyme action


From week 6 by microorganism activity

Conversion of organic nitrogen from soil organic matter

From week 12 to 14 weeks by microorganism activity and nature

The Naturelle effect

Evolution Naturelle contains trace amounts of micro nutrients and amino acids derived from the plant and animal proteins in the raw materials. These play multiple roles in N uptake, assimilation, plant signalling and C:N metabolism in the plant, and can increase microbial biomass, soil respiration and soil fertility.

Evolution Naturelle encourages active root development provided by the long-lasting ammonium nitrogen source that stimulates root hair development.

When the soil has limited nitrogen, microbes will also be deficient in nitrogen, causing slow decomposition and poor microbial growth. Evolution Naturelle has a low C:N ratio to ensure nitrogen is released to the plant, encouraging microbes which rely on nitrogen in the soil to form proteins. Evolution Naturelle improves the rate of mineralisation, providing optimum microbial degradation.

Accurate Application

The easy to see granules of Evolution Naturelle sport fertiliser enhances application as you can visually see the dispersal of granules compared to other darker organic fertilisers. This enables the spreader operator to align each pass more accurately than before thus providing the correct amount of fertiliser and minimising overlap or missed sections.


To optimise the release and uptake of organic sources of nitrogen, ensure good aeration practices are performed, as oxygen is essential for all aerobic microorganisms, and most microbes involved in nitrogen mineralisation are aerobic.

Dense sward, compact turf & increased tillering

The result of following an Evolution Naturelle sport spring fertiliser programme is a sward with firm, shorter leaf blades brought about by the increase in tillering and improvement in leaf cell structure.

Evolution Naturelle sport spring nutrition increases the number of grass leaves per square metre and the turf will lose less of its mass through mowing because the leaves tend to be short and stout rather than long and weak.


Evolution Naturelle organo-mineral fertilisers have lower emissions of ammonia and nitrous oxide than mineral fertilisers and also nutrients will not wash out as easily as in mineral fertilisers.

Evolution Naturelle has a two-fold favourable effect on the environment with the effect of soil structure - and soil live improvement through the organic-matter

Evolution Naturelle organo-mineral fertilisers are by nature slow release.

Key Points

  • Lowers the C/N ratio of the soil organic matter

  • Predictable N release with no mineral fertiliser peaks and no fattening because of the high C/N organic matter

  • Produces a balanced growth due to phased delivery of nutrients

  • Provides a complexed potassium for slow release

  • Prevents thatch build up due to the stimulation of bacterial soil life

  • Hardens turf due to cell division and cell extension as a result of ammonium take up

  • No Scorching risk due to low salt index when applied at the correct rates

  • Increases tillering producing a denser sward

  • Ammonium produces large volumes of root hairs which ensure active take up of micro nutrients.

Evolution Naturelle Programme

Below is an example of when to apply a yearly programme of Evolution Naturelle sport fertiliser based on growth potential zones and product longevity. The growth potential calendar below is from London 2018. To ensure accurate application timings and rate, use our amenity weather service for up to date information and advice.


Discover the key functions of nutrients within Evolution Naturelle sport spring for the plant.

Key functions in the plant

• A fundamental component for plant growth, being important for amino acid synthesis and subsequent protein formation

• Formation of nucleic acids

• Synthesis of chlorophyll and ATP (adenosine triphosphate)

• Core role in photosynthesis and energy production

Key functions in the plant

• Key component of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is used in the energy transfer process within the plant

• Involved in nucleic acid formation, protein synthesis and carbohydrate metabolism

• Formation of cell membranes, phospholipids

• Important role in stimulating early growth and development

Key functions in the plant

• Maintenance of water balance in the plant, and helps regulate cell water content and plant turgor, maintaining stem strength.

• Important role in transpiration by controlling stomatal pore opening and closing

• Involved in transport of sugars from ‘sources’ to ‘sinks’

Good mobility in the plant

Key functions in the plant

• Central atom of chlorophyll molecule and is therefore essential for photosynthesis. However, typically this is only 15-20% of a plant's requirement for magnesium. Deficiency of magnesium will reduce the plants photosynthetic rate

• Key activator of many enzyme reactions and protein synthesis

• Transport of carbohydrates and amino acids from the leaf to the roots and shoots via the phloem.

• Important in nitrogen and phosphate metabolism

• Regulates uptake and cell turgor together with K+

Key functions in the plant

• Sulphur is an essential component of proteins in plants since it is required for the formation of two amino acids (cysteine and methionine), that are the building blocks of proteins

• Sulphur is also a component of enzymes (forming bonds within the enzyme structure) and vitamins

• Sulphur is also involved in the reduction of nitrate to amino acids

Key functions in the plant

• Required for the synthesis of chlorophyll, 80% of iron content is in chloroplasts

• Involved in respiration (redox reaction)

• Constituent of cytochromes, and involved in utilisation of nitrate and sulphate.

• Involved in lignin synthesis

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