An aqueous suspensionconcentrate containing 200g/l Tebuconazole and 100g/l Trifloxystrobin.

MAPP 18000



A contact and systemic turf fungicide which both cures and prevents disease in managed amenity turf at any time of the year. Dualitas has dual mode of action both Acropetal penetrant & Mesostemic.


Applied at any time of the year, Dualitas utilises two active ingredients with two different modes of action that simultaneously act as a barrier to spore germination, flowing through the leaves to provide translaminar protection, and penetrating the leaf blade to be transported systemically via the xylem vessels, to provide greater ongoing protection throughout the plant.


Dualitas can be applied to all turf areas including golf courses, commercial and residential lawns, sports fields, parks, bowls greens, and cricket pitches.


Dualitas controls key foliar and soil-borne turf disease such as:


Dollar Spot

Microdochium nivale

Red Thread



Apply using a pedestrian or tractor mounted boom sprayer with the correct nozzles calibrated for your output rate and target area. Always use an accurately calibrated applicator and ensure all required PPE is used. Read all labels for compatibility issues if mixing, always dispose of used containers correctly. Contact your Agrovista Amenity Adviser for further information.



Tebuconazole is a fungicidal triazole compound (commonly referred to as part of the ‘zoles’ class) that acts as a demethylation inhibitor (DMI Class of fungicides). Mode of action: DMI’s work by inhibiting the biosynthesis of ergosterol which is a major component of the plasma membrane of certain fungi and needed for fungal growth.

Tebuconazole is described as an acropetal penetrant which is a fungicide that is absorbed into the plant and translocated in the xylem vessels of the plant; therefore, after entering a plant, this type of fungicide moves upward in the xylem vessels. This active ingredient is best applied before visible symptoms of a disease are present, when environmental conditions are conducive for plant growth and potential fungal development.


Trifloxystrobin belongs to the QoI Class of fungicides (Quinone outside Inhibitors).

Mode of action: Mesostemic, broad-spectrum fungicide with preventative and specific curative activity, with good rain-fastness. Redistributed by superficial vapour movement and also has translaminar activity, moving between the two leaf surfaces.

Mesostemic fungicides are strongly attracted to the leaf surface and provide a barrier against disease infection. Small amounts penetrate the leaf and move to the opposite, untreated surface of the leaf, providing protection against infection on both leaf surfaces. Mesostemic fungicides will inhibit spore germination, preventing the disease from penetrating the turf. Thus, the plant tissue is not damaged and the turf doesn’t waste energy fighting disease.

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