New Plant Growth Regulator. Prohexadione.



Attraxor® has been shown to effectively regulate growth of managed amenity turf. The active substance inhibits the Gibberellic acid pathway, which results in a reduction of turf height and turf biomass. Root growth is promoted through the use of Attraxor® whilst turf colour and quality are maintained.


The active substance in Attraxor® allows for cooler weather applications compared to other PGR’s. Using the NEW Agrovista developed Kinder-Parry growth system ensures accurate and correct timing of Attraxor®, based on active live weather data. Once applications begin simply re-apply minimum interval of 21 days until the Kinder-Parry model highlights when to stop.


Attraxor® can be used to regulate growth of all managed amenity turf (for example: golf, links golf, sports pitches and training grounds, outfields, racecourses, tennis courts, airfields etc) at a rate of 375 — 1,500 g/ha.


Attraxor® is the perfect poa management tool, reducing poa pioneering, optimising turf suppression and promoting root growth and colour. Used as part of a turf nutrition program in conjunction with cultural operations such as verticutting and grooming, will further ensure poa pioneering is reduced.


Liquid products are best applied through a boom type sprayer (suitable for tank mixing) that must be properly calibrated to ensure accurate application. All operators should be properly trained when using any type of applicator. Always use an accurately calibrated applicator and ensure all required PPE is used. Read all labels for compatibility issues if mixing, always dispose of used containers correctly. Contact your Agrovista Amenity Adviser for further information.

  • 300-600L/ha, but use the lowest stated water volumes when mixing with hard water

  • Ideal pH of spray solution is 4.5 - 5.5.

  • Attraxor® should be applied alongside 2.5 kg/ha supplementary nitrogen.

  • Do not mix with fertilisers containing calcium, magnesium or manganese.

  • Replace lid immediately as Attraxor® granules will rapidly absorb water from the atmosphere.

  • Do not apply when turf is under stress.

  • Do not irrigate for at least four hours post application.

  • 6.0 kg/ha per year allowed

  • Tank-mix with Green Lawnger® Pro HC for additional plant protection benefits.


Research & Trials

  • Agrovista amenity continue to work closely with the STRI to extensively trial Attraxor®.

  • We have put Attraxor® through rigourous tests to ensure no phytotoxicity occurs at all application rates on both fine and sports turf.

  • Attraxor® has been tested to find the perfect tank mix partners for optimised turf health & performance during all growth stages.

  • The Kinder-Parry model has been validated by overlaying research & trial results from STRI with our own amenity weather system and data.

Trial results

The unique tank mix of Attraxor® and Primo Maxx II® out performed control plots and all other stand alone product trials during the trial.

The Attraxor® / Primo Maxx II® tank mix consistently reduced poa seed heads and further reduce grass clippings compared to all other plots.

The Attraxor® / Primo Maxx II® tank mix also consistently produced the best turf quality and turf colour results compared to all other trial plots with no phytotoxicity at any label rates.

The Attraxor® / Primo Maxx II® tank mix also consistently produced the best sward density compared to all other trial plots.

*The tank mix combination includes Attraxor®, Primo Maxx II®, GoGreen Select and E2 PRO INStant.

Fine turf rates

Turf regulation

Attraxor® 375g, Primo Maxx II® 200mls, GoGreen Select 20l, E2 PRO INStant 20l.

Poa suppression

Attraxor® 650g, Primo Maxx II® 200mls, GoGreen Select 20l, E2 PRO INStant 20l.

Sports turf rates

Turf regulation

Attraxor® 750g, Primo Maxx II® 800mls, GoGreen Select 20l, E2 PRO INStant 20l.

Poa suppression

Attraxor® 1.5kg, Primo Maxx II® 200mls, GoGreen Select 20l, E2 PRO INStant 20l.

Mode of action

Gibberellic acid Biosynthesis

  • Gibberellins are of paramount importance for longitudinal shoot extension via intercalary expansion and leaf growth.

  • Prohexadione is a structural mimic of 2-oxoglutaric acid, an essential co-substrate in Gibberellic acid biosynthesis, inhibiting GA20 3ß-hydroxylase, as primary target.

  • As a result, levels of highly active GA1 decline, causing inhibited cell division and elongation in the meristem, which leads to shortened internodes and reduced shoot growth.

  • Shoot growth reduction can last for up to 4 weeks.

  • Metabolic reorganisation occurs!

Enhanced root formation (rhizogenesis)

Metabolic reorganisation

  • Attraxor® promotes a bigger rooting system, including more fine roots.

  • Improved water & nutrient uptake

  • Drought resilience, regeneration potential & plant fitness

  • Disease resistance & turf quality

Poa annua Vs Attraxor®

The BASF Eco-Pack

25% less plastic, 25% less packaging waste, 25% less downtime

The authorisation date for the disposal, storage and use of existing stocks of Attraxor® ends 30th June 2025

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