Green Lawnger® TR



Green Lawnger® TR contains revolutionary natural green and black color pigments, that have been developed with ColorLock™ technology, which means that the color stays for a long time and, not least, it retains its original colour. Green Lawnger® TR helps extend the playing season, as well as promote rapid spring green up.


Green Lawnger® TR is the perfect plant protection and colourant solution during Low Growth Potential conditions, generally late autmun, winter and early spring. Late Autumn applications increase the storage of solar energy in the form of carbohydrates and thereby increase the hardiness of the grass over the winter.


Green Lawnger® TR can be used on any type of turfgrass. Green Lawnger® TR should not be used on sports turf where impact sports are played e.g. football or rugby, in these situations Green Lawnger® should be used


The dark colour absorbs U.V. light energy, elevating the temperature in the soil and plant canopy. This quickly provides better conditions to engage turf into growing mode kick starting the season come spring. Green Lawnger® TR further protects your turf from prolonged snow and ice covered surfaces which can produce a perfect climate for disease by accelerating thawing.


Apply at 2.5L / Ha in a minimum of 300 litres of water. The amount of Green Lawnger® TR and water volume can be increased depending on turf height and colour effect required.

Half fill the spray tank and begin agitation, add the required amount of Green Lawnger® TR, fill the remainder of the tank to required water volume, ensuring components are mixed fully.


Trials Data

Over the winter of 2011 – 2012, an application of Green Lawnger® TR was assessed for turf quality by the STRI, Bingley, UK.

The assessments were made at regular intervals over a period of two months, a total of two treatments were made at 4 week intervals.

The summary shows turf quality was improved by the application of Green Lawnger® TR

Apply Green Lawnger® TR @ 2.5 l/ha & ZM-GROW@ 5 l/ha in a minimum of 300 l/ha water every 3-4 weeks during low growth potential winter conditions.

The combination of Green Lawnger® TR & ZM-GROW increase turf vigour and presenation through the low growth potential winter period. As the revolutionary natural pigments from Green Lawnger® TR absorbs U.V. light energy, elevating the temperature in the soil and plant canopy, ZM-GROW™ utilises its Zinc (Zn), Manganese (Mn) and Sulphur (S) nutrients to full effect.

Zinc (Zn) is a plant essential nutrient and is necessary for plant growth, activation of enzymes, chlorophyll formation, growth hormone regulation, cell growth and seed formation.

Manganese (Mn) works hand in hand with Green Lawnger® TR formulation aiding the fusion of chlorophyll and the transportation of electrons during photosynthesis. Manganese also contributes to the resistance of soil borne diseases.

Sulphur (S) helps with resistance to cold, improves root growth and aids chlorophyll formation. Sulphur also promotes activity and development of enzymes and vitamins, and is aso essential for the production of protein.

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