Long-lasting Water Management Technology



AQUA-ZORB Liquid is a concentrated non-ionic turf wetting agent that will enable water to move faster and deeper into the soil profile. One application can last all season.


It's very long-lasting residual technology ensures that a single application persists for up to five months, during the higher summer temperatures.

AQUA-ZORB Liquid can also be applied in the autumn to ensure improved drainage of winter rainfall and effectively reduce the formation of dew.


AQUA-ZORB Liquid can be used on all types of turf areas.


Dry Patch (hydrophobic soil) is the result of wax secretion by soil fungi. The wax coats soil particles, making them repel water. AQUA-ZORB Liquid reduces the incidence of dry patch and also improves drainage & relieves water holding through the winter months.


Always spray in the cool of the day or during rainfall. Do not spray in high temperatures or bright sunlight. Irrigate immediately after spraying with a minimum 3 mm of water, or spray during rainfall, this is to remove the product from the leaf surface. Check the information sheet for application rates.

Apply using a pedestrian or tractor mounted boom sprayer with the correct nozzles calibrated for your output rate and target area. Always use an accurately calibrated applicator and ensure all required PPE is used. Read all labels for compatibility issues if mixing, always dispose of used containers correctly. Contact your Agrovista Amenity Adviser for further information.


Dry Patch / Hydrophobic soils / LDS

Water is a very polar molecule; having two tiny, positively charged hydrogen atoms attached to a relatively large oxygen atom bearing two negative charges.

Water molecules act like bar magnets, pulling the oppositely charged end of an adjacent water molecule towards itself, building long chains that eventually form a spherical droplet. Water is attracted to charged surfaces such as soil and on contact the droplets will coalesce and spread over the surface; eventually soaking deep into the soil due to the attraction from soil particles lower down.

Dry Patch (hydrophobic soil) is the result of wax secretion by soil fungi. The wax coats the soil particles, making the surface non-charged so that there is no attraction to water molecules. This causes the water to form droplets which are unable to travel through soil.

To get around the problem of Dry Patch in soils we can use AQUA-ZORB, that works by neutralising the polarity of water molecules which allows them to pass through wax coated soils.

The matrix flow effect ensures even distribution of moisture within the rootzone that enables AQUA-ZORB to break down and releases organic acids more effectively. These organic acids are involved in the solubilisation and mobilisation of poorly soluble nutrients such as Mn, Cu, Zn, Fe and P for plant and microbial growth. This bio-stimulant effect helps protect roots and maximise the potential of your fertilisers, resulting in improved colour, health & vitality. AQUA-ZORB technology isnt just about preventing hydrophobicity, its about optimising your soils potential.

Trials by the STRI demonstrated that AQUA-ZORB effectively removes the waxy coating on the soil particles and thus allows water to penetrate the soil more effective




7 days after application

12 days after

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